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DFW Gaming Village - Branding Package

DFW Gaming Village is a board gaming community, based in Denton, TX. Over the course of a few years, they had grown from having a dozen members to having hundreds and rather than having board game events casually a few times a year, DFW Gaming Village was hosting large events at local conventions as well as having their own Twitch channel. Matt Sprague, the Founder of DFW Gaming Village saw a need for a more professional branding design in order to have T-shirts made for his members, appear more professional and serious when hosting events, and have a unified look he can use across all social media platforms. 

Envision Core included customizations:

  • Custom logo design, font, and brand colors
  • Branding Guide and Look Book 
  • Merchandise Mockups, including ready-to-make T-shirts
  • Options for social media 
  • Comprehensive Logo Usage Guide

Wishlist/ Additional components:

  • Requested logo be a nod to "Werewolf," a popular game
  • Requested T-shirt design options

Check out their Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/DFWGamingVillage/ 

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