Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is the plan of action to drive more traffic to your website, boost brand awareness & increase sales. Includes SEO optimization, Social Media Campaigns & Marketing.  

Our Services

SEO Optimization

If your website doesn't show up within the top ten results on Google or Bing, it's not too late to improve your ranking. Our team of SEO specialists can work with you to improve your site's digital presence. We can even boost Local SEO.  

Campaign Strategy

Launching a campaign? Need to gain followers and get your message out there? Your potential customers might not know you exist. Work with us and we'll help you plan your launch and support you until countdown.

Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to increase traffic on your e-commerce website or walk-ins at your business? Our team can help you create simple, effective marketing tactics to help you grow your business. 

Our a la carte services range from website audits to automated social media posts. These are services we provide that can be add-ons or done separately.  

SEO Optimization Packages

Our SEO Packages make it easy for you to find a plan that fits your business' needs and budget. Here's 3 reasons why SEO Packages are the way to go! 


Optimizing SEO to make your website a top result on Google takes time and continued effort. A month-to-month plan of action allows us to measure the results and make ongoing improvements.


Reduce the cost of Google AdWords by letting us analyze what content your customers are clicking on every month and which keyword phrases they are using to find you. You can then drive traffic solely on keyword optimized content.



Having a dedicated team working on your SEO saves you time and hassle. Our reports keep you informed of your search engine rank, and monthly traffic to your website. 

Pricing Tables | Switcher
    • The Pioneer

      Pioneer SEO

      $ 497 mo

      Suitable for small businesses and startups looking for more exposure online.
      • Basic SEO Audit
      • Basic Competitor Analysis
      • Monthly Keyword Analysis
      • Traffic Monitoring
      • Monthly Content/Click Rate Analysis
      • Monthly SEO Report
      • 5 hours On Page SEO/ Link-building

    • The Pioneer

      Founder SEO

      $ 1,049 mo

      Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to increase search engine rankings.
      • Essential SEO Audit
      • Detailed Competitor Analysis
      • Monthly Keyword Analysis
      • Traffic Monitoring
      • Monthly Content/Click Rate Analysis
      • Monthly SEO Report
      • 10 hours On Page SEO/ Link-building

    • The Pioneer

      Trailblazer SEO

      $ 2,297 mo

      Strongly recommended for large businesses, national brands or the need for high exposure.
      • Premium SEO Audit
      • Detailed Competitor Analysis
      • Monthly Keyword Analysis
      • Weekly Traffic Monitoring
      • Weekly Content/Click Rate Analysis
      • Monthly SEO Report
      • 25 hours On Page SEO/ Link-building

A La Carte Services

Website Audit

A full analysis of your current website revealing its security, user-friendliness, performance and SEO ranking, with actionable steps to improve in all areas.

Competitor Analysis

A comprehensive report on what your competitors are doing behind-the-scenes, their marketing tactics and how they are getting their leads. Find out what opportunities they are missing so you can take the lead.

Keyword Ranking Analysis

Essential to effective content writing and boosting SEO. We give you an analysis of your website's current search engine rank on Google and Bing, plus a breakdown of the top keyword phrases you should be using. 

Automated Customer Engagement

Save time & create consistency while building customer engagement by letting us set up your automated emails, social media posts or blog posts far in advance.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to building a strong digital presence using lean startup tactics. Use it to generate an email list of followers, test a new idea,  sell a single product or more. Landing pages are the most flexible way to launch any campaign.


Boost traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar business with a Geofencing campaign. Geofencing is one of the newest and most effective marketing tactics for local target marketing. 

Embark & Grow your business

Discover your online potential with a strong website and marketing strategy. We're here to help you boost your online visibility, build an audience, and gain a stronghold in your market!  

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