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Ros from The Accords – Australian Scent Selectors – contacted us when she was ready to take her fragrance blog, previously hosted on, to the next level. She desired a minimalist design and simple palette, allowing the beautiful photography to take the stage. An absolute dream brief for the Live By 5 team, her content was ready to go, and her vision was crystal clear. Ros mostly needed assistance making the move and connecting all the dots so her site would sit tall amongst her esteemed peers.

Live by 5 included customisations:

  • Font, colour and spacial customisation of the Glam theme by Restored316 on the Genesis Framework
  • Addition of read next/previous to each page
  • Easy to use content slider
  • Page builder for more complex layouts
  • Image styling manipulation to match desired aesthetics

Wishlist/additional components:

  • Affiliate link tracking
  • Migrate 20+ posts and images from
  • DNS and google mail setup assistance
  • Creation of the ‘fragrance finder’ template

Check out the live site here:

Read more at:

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